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Modifiers are small pieces of logic that alter the particles before they are send further down the system to be drawn. Modifiers can change any of the particle properties on the fly, this includes position, rotation, color, scale, velocity and others. Mercury Particle Engine has several modifiers out of the box that easily can be activated to create a dynamic behavior. You can see a short description of them here:

This modifier changes the color from an initial value to an ultimate value. It does this over the lifetime of the particle. It’s great for making particles in an explosion fade from bright yellow to dark orange.

The Opacity modifier changes the opacity of the particles from an initial value to an ultimate value. Just as the Color modifier, it does this over the lifetime of the particle. Again, if we take the explosion example, the particles can fade away as the explosion particles cool down.

This modifier enables gravity with the defined gravity vector (strength and direction). With this enabled particles automatically fall to the ground, or any other direction you specify in the vector.

Compared to the linear gravity modifier, this gravity modifier creates a gravity field at the specified position. You can define the strength and radius of the modifier by using the Strength and Radius properties of the modifier.

Changes the rotation with a specified rotation rate.

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