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The following people have given their time & expertise to contribute code and/or documentation for the project.

Matthew Davey
Owner of the Mercury Particle Engine project - first released back in 2006 and then refined over 5 major iterations to find the perfect architecture for the particle engine.

Ian Qvist
Joined the project in 2009. Wrote documentation and restructured the project to make it appealing for game developers. Now works as a developer on extending the capabilities of the engine. Ian is also the project lead on the brilliant Farseer Physics Engine project.

Daniel Pramel
Joined the project in 2010, contributed multi-threading support and sample applications among other things. Visit his website addmore games

Alexandre Beber
Created the PolygonEmitter and TextureEmitter and contributed both to the MPE project. (TextureEmitter has now been replaced by MaskEmitter, however Alexandres code is still present)


The following people have generously donated to the Mercury Particle Engine project.

Kevin Mcleod
JetBrains (donated free Resharper license)
Tamer Elsayed
Patrick Smacchia (donated free NDepend license)

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